February 16, 2016

As Realtors, it is important to only work with or recommend reliable companies. We always count on Ed Rush from Bay to Bay Inspections for our home inspections. He is very responsive, punctual, and patient with clients. Ed takes the time to not only explain potential issues to prospective home buyers, but also to familiarize the client with specifics about their house. My clients have nothing but great experiences with Ed as goes above and beyond what is expected.

With this level of service, you’d expect to pay top dollar but it is quite the contrary with Bay to Bay Inspections. Ed is among the most reasonably priced inspectors in the business and with all the fees and expenses that accompany the purchase of a home, it’s nice to be able to cut our client’s a break by referring Ed Rush to perform their inspections.

The Brainard Team Century 21 List w/ Beggins